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    The movie Alamo is a movie based on a battle between white Americans and the Mexican government.  “Alamo” is a place in San Antonio, Texas used as a fort during the Texas revolution.  The play is about the war that started February 23, 1835, due to the increased influx of white American migrants to the Mexico area. By then, Texas used to be part of Mexico. Although slavery was illegal, white American settlers brought their slaves with them. Mexico tried to stop the slavery and limit the migrant of American. Thus the war started.2.    The movie began at the site of Alamo, where it showed dead bodies of Texas defender and Mexican attackers scattered all over the ground.  The film then showed a year when Sam Houston was at a party trying to persuade people to migrate to Texas.  During that conversation, Jim Bowie while having drinks was ordered to go to San Antonio and destroy Alamo. 3.    When Bowie arrived in San Antonio, he didn’t expect to see the Santa Anna’s army surrounding the Alamo. So he decided to meet with the Mexican general to talk thing outs. After several small fights and retreats between them, the Texans wanted more people to fight and couldn’t get more people. Finally, Santa Anna surrenders to the wounded Houston in exchange for his life and agrees to order all Mexican troops to withdraw from Texas.  4.     Texas gained independence from the war by standing their grounds at the Alamo for better for worse has made the battle of Alamo a heroic and historical war.5.    The movie also portrayed historical dress costumes such as some top hat bowlers, Victorian men’s wear, Victorian waistcoats, jabots, smoking hats. Because of the shared beliefs and cultural symbols, the story of the Alamo has caused a powerful myth in the history of Texas. The movie can is used to portray the social and political views of the Texans. Characters of this film include William Travis, Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, Mexican General Dictator, and Sam Houston.