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Page  of 4ZOOM? A vehicle basically contains two major components- 1. Chassis 2. Frame? A chassis is the minimum requirement of a vehicle to be able to move on the road. It is fitted with the most crucial components of an Automobile such as- Engine, tires, brake, steering etc.? A frame is basically the body of the vehicle where all the other components are either bolted, riveted or welded. Ex.- Driver’s seat, windshield etc.? The Shell of a car must be designed in such way that it is comfortable from the inside with enough room and also at the same time provides minimal air resistance to minimize the fuel consumption. Also the A, B and C pillars of the body must be made in such a way that they provide with enough protection and do not crumple in case of a rollover.? The body of the vehicle must have enough space to accommodate the engine. Depending on the type and purpose of vehicle being made, there should be provision for installing important components such as headlights, tail lights, windshield, rear view mirrors etc. Also it must be ensured that there is proper distribution of weight along the whole vehicle for a balanced ride and handling.? Also the body must be made in such a way that it looks appealing.? A well-made frame will tell how the car will be at the event of an accident. It also determines how the car will perform when it comes to handling, weight, power to weight ratio, etc.? Body must be designed in such a way that the blind spots are reduces to the most extent ensuring better visibility from the inside.? Vehicle body on the basis of construction are divided into two types-1. Body Over Frame Design2. Unibody Design? Frames are better in Bending stiffness which means they can take a better amount of payload before yielding and sagging. ? Since, BOF is heavier than Unibody construction, the handling is relatively poor.? This is the reason why they are used in heavy vehicles like trucks. Also BOF vehicles are much better off the road than the Unibody construction cars.? The twisting and torsional strength of the frame is much more than that of Unibody constructions. Which is why they are better suited to rough terrain.? Another factor is replacement of frame in case of damage. In case of BOF, it’s much easier to replace the frame only if there is any damage to the underbody rather than having to replace the whole body which happens to be the case in case of Unibody Construction.? A unibody is typically safer because the whole body is designed to absorb the forces of impact, but that means more extensive damage and in some cases the integrity is compromised.Name- Chetan Agrawal (169109045)