In despite the fact that they are being

 In the poem, My Papa’s Waltz, Theodore thinks back about his
childhood of tangled feelings of fear and unrestricted love, towards his dad
other than the flaws his dad has. This artist has demonstrated the feelings of
fear and love through word decision, symbolism and similarities.


assertion decision features the blended feelings he feels towards his dad.
Through the mix of the words “demise” and “waltzing” in the
primary verse, artist portrays a genuine yet interesting air around him and his
dad. The picture of a waltz portrays the need of two people to demonstrate the coordination
of the combine. Despite the fact that the writer is near his dad, he also
communicates fear. The artist demonstrates this fear using words as “battered”
and “scraped”.

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writer has utilized imagery to clarify the enjoyable minutes between the child
and his dad together. In any case, parts of this poem demonstrate the dread the
child has for his dad. “We romped until the pans slid from the kitchen
shelf” portrays that they are having some good times as they danced around
the house despite the fact that they are being wreck less. The artist describes
the minding idea of his dad for his child when he stated, “The hand that
held my wrist”. The holding hand symbolizes cozy relationship that they
had. This differs from the start of the lyrics first lines; “the whiskey
on your breath could make a small boy dizzy”. This gives an impression of
the father being intoxicated who can hurt the child. This instills the fear
into the kid.


“A Woman Mourned by Daughters”, by Adrienne Rich, is an
expressive poem in which two ladies are addressing their dead mother. There are
a few sections to this poem beginning from the when the mother passes, and back
to when the daughters were little girls. They begin discussing her as an
elderly lady, weak and fragile, “a straw blown on the bed”.
They describe her on her death bed. “Like a corpse pulled from the


begins with the daughters sitting in their mother’s kitchen, “mourning” over
their mother’s death, only they aren’t upset or crying. They are “spent” from
all the pressure their mother put on them, before and after she died. They are so troubled by the power she still carries over
them, even though she is no longer living.


They proceed in speaking
about her as an elderly woman, weak and frail, “a straw blown on the bed”
(Lines 11-14). They describe her on her death bed. “Like a corpse pulled from
the sea”. (Lines 15-20) They discuss that what
upsets them now that she is gone, isn’t the fact that she died; it is all the things that she used to do to
them.  After the mother dies, the daughters are left with several
responsibilities which are discussed in (Lines 22-28).  They aren’t happy to take on these responsibilities. They are so hateful toward their mother and the
problems she left are only a burden to them. They feel that they are still being punished even after she is
dead.  Even the thought
of taking care of their dying father is thought of
as a burden instead
of a blessing