Furthermore, about your own problems.”(p.48) He emphasizes his

Furthermore, Boaz’s action motivates Unk to find his identity, which shows that people’s thoughts can affect one another. Unk and Boaz’s decisions suggest that people have an inborn awareness of our circumstances and seek out situations with certain qualities for survival. In the novel, Rumfoord’s cynical behaviors after chrono-synclastic infundibulum lead negative impact on the society to demonstrate that geographical surroundings shape intellective traits in a character. In the beginning of the novel, Rumfoord gets to see the future while materializing and dematerializing. As a result of his new power, his relationship with Beatrice changes. Beatrice yells and Rumfoord and says “I am going to be thrown right out in the street, without even the price of a meal- and my husband laughs and wants me to play guessing games!”(p.48) Beatrice’s anger towards him shows that Rumfoord’s experience with chrono-synclastic infundibulum changed him to act indifferent, changing his character. Consequently, he replies to Beatrice and says “it wasn’t any ordinary game,” “it was about how long the human race was going to last. I thought that might sor of give you more perspective about your own problems.”(p.48) He emphasizes his view on this situation as a part of his plan which clarifies that his materialization to Mars caused him to change. Towards the end of the novel when Rumfoord establishes his new religion to humans on earth, he uses Malachi as a bad example of someone who “did nothing to deserve his billions, and because he did nothing unselfish or imaginative with his billion. He was as benevolent as Marie Antoinette.”(p.256-257) His speech reveals that his plan to take Malachi to Mars was to use him as a scheme to transform humans for his religion. His strategy shows his crude character since he went to Mars, and how circumstances can negatively affect one’s moral traits. Finally, when Beatrice moves to titan, she becomes “a springy, one-eyed, gold toothed, brown old lady- as lean and tough as a chair slat. But the class of the damaged and roughly-used old lady showed through.”(p.314) Beatrice goes from an innocent, fearful lady to a fearless and strong writer because of constant struggles she had to face by Rumfoord. Beatrice’s development in character shows that surroundings including humans can create impact in one’s identity in both positive and negative way.     In the society, humans are highly persuadable to surrounding triggers, and these can effectively grow responses in us. Surroundings influence our lives by telling us what we should be, and what we should do. Kurt Vonnegut brings up the idea of meaning of life in the novel as, “to love whoever is to be loved.” Loving whatever is to be loved, is a big step to finding what is valuable in our lives. It is important for us to be aware of the influences in our own surroundings and, most importantly, ensure that we surround ourselves with things that create positive alliance within us.