Emerging childbirth, and the number of people obtaining

Emerging adults (Arnett, 2000)- (18-24) Late teens early twenties – neither adolescence or young adulthood (theoretically distinct from from both)”They see themselves as gradually making their way to adulthood, so emerging adulthood seems a better term for their subjective experiences {example Figure 2}Three of the major shifts in demographics include the age of marriage, the age of childbirth, and the number of people obtaining higher education after high school. The age of marriage and childbirth follow similar patterns of change with a delay increasing the age of the individual when the get married and have their first child. A greater number of individuals are obtaining higher education than in previous generations. Character strengthCalling – working definition of a sense of calling is a transcendent summons, experienced as ¬†originated beyond the self, to approach a particular life role in a manner oriented toward demonstrating or deriving a sense of purpose or meaningfulness and that holds other-oriented values and goals as primary sources of motivation (Dik & Duffy, 2009)Purpose is defined as, “a stable and generalized intention to accomplish something that is at once meaningful to the self and a consequence to the world beyond the self.” (Pratt & Ashforth, 2003; Wrzeniewski & Dutton, 2001) Meaningfulness is defined as, “the sense made of, and significance felt regarding the nature of one’s being and existence.” (Steger, Frazier, Oishi, & Kaler, 2006)) “Meaningfulness, in particular, buffers against depression and anxiety and correlates positively with a variety of indices of health psychological functioning.” (Steger et. al., 2006) (Research purpose and meaningfulness at work- identified having a sense of purpose as a critical factor in lives that are well-lived – (Ryff & Singer, 1998) concluded that the field lacks ” a counterpoint literature on how work facilitates human purpose, meaning, self-realization, and enactment of one’s unique abilities, thereby enhances one’s health. The linkage between these aspects of work and the enhancement of one’s health has rarely been addressed.”(Ryff & Singer, 1998))