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Describe the importance of the conch now. Does it still hold the same power itonce had? What does Piggy tell Ralph to do with it?The importance of the conch has increased so much from the start of the book. When Ralph first found it, he was in power because of the conch and so continued through the book, the conch was the symbol of power but ever since Jack became the new chief and ended up with almost all the boys on his side, the conch could just have been another one of the million grains of sand on the beach, pointless and useless. Now, it seems that Jack is the symbol of power. Piggy tells Ralph to go to Castle Rock and convince them to give them his glasses back:”I just take the conch to say this. I can’t see no more and I got to get my glasses back. Awful things has been done on this island. I voted for you for chief. He’s the only one who ever got anything done. So now you speak, Ralph, and tell us what. Or else–“2. Describe the savage’s reactions to Ralph and Piggy’s speeches at Castle Rock.How do they represent the themes of speech and silence?The boys were “curious to hear what the amusing thing he might have to say”. During that time all of the boys were silent and attentive about what Piggy had to say. Piggy was shouting like an adult, telling all of the children off, and referencing them too painted people and telling them how much better of a chief Ralph id compared to Jack and ends with “Which is better – to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill?”. By saying this final quote, I think that the boys are starting to reflect about how civilized things were in the beginning, and how it all spiraled into uncontrollable chaos, caused by Jack.3. After Piggy’s murder, “the silence was complete.” What does this mean? What didPiggy represent? Who killed Piggy?What happens here is Roger going into full on savage mode and forgetting that he was a part of civilization and kills Piggy with a bolder, who was the only remaining part of law and intelligence and the conch. So now only Ralph remains, the only child on this island that symbolizes government. When the narrator says “the silence was complete”, this means that the boys thought that Piggy was an annoying and pointless person who kept rambling on and on and when Roger killed him, the silence was complete.4. How do we view Roger after reading this chapter? What does he do that developedhim into a more sadistic character?I view Roger as a scoundrel, a savage and the REAL beast on this island because he killed Piggy for no reason!! Was it because Piggy’s words were influencing him to not be a part of Jack’s tribe and join Ralph’s so out of fear he killed Piggy? Now that I think about it, Roger is a sadistic character because of the beast which is fear! Fear causes you to do rash and impulsive things, like kill Piggy for example. But for whatever reason or background, I really do not like Roger.