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5. OpenersSan Jose Garage Door Repair Service should be your one stop place for all your garage door openers. Needing it replaced or repaired we can do it for you. You want a newer model with all the bells and whistles just call us and we can have it installed.The Garage OpenerThe garage opener most of the time is controlled by remote that’s usually mounted on the wall or hand held. Walk inside your garage and take a look at the top of the rack. You can see a little box and that is your opener. The opener is what makes your garage door open and close.Openers are sometimes the cause for the door not being able to open or close. So if that is the reason we’ll send a technician to your home and check on it to understand why it has gone out. If they can fix it they will but if not you might need to get it replaced. It’s easy, just pick up your phone and give us a shout.Different Openers With Different FunctionsThere are four kinds of openers each has a certain benefit you may be looking for. We’ll be able to educate you on each one so making a decision to replace your old one will be easier. Knowing that your garage door is equipped with one of these will help you determine what may be wrong with it. So when you call you can tell our rep what may be going on.These are the types of openers there are:The SCREW DRIVE opener is the easiest to maintain and has a screw that sits in the trolley which opens the door.The most commonly used opener is the CHAIN DRIVE which uses a chain that looks like one from a bicycle and connects to the motor which pushes the trolley to open the garage door.The JACK SHAFT opener is mounted on the sides of the torsion bar.If your looking for less noise then the BELT DRIVE opener is the right one for you. Made from either fiberglass or reinforced steel outline with rubber.So now that you understand what each individual opener is capable of doing. You get to pick which one best suits you and your home. If your still uncertain a tech can come by and take a look at your door and give you the best possible option on which opener will work. Once that is solved, if we don’t have t in stock we’ll order it and have it shipped right away. Then the best part is having it installed and seeing how well your garage door works then.Which Opener To ChooseCertain openers can do certain things but also these openers come with new age features and upgrades from older models. Here will talk about each feature you can get with your new opener. So let’s take a look and you tell us what you think when your ready to order one:When a storm comes or a crew is doing electrical work. You can lose power but if you have a BACKUP BATTERY your garage door will still work.Loud garage doors are really no fun and can be obnoxious. So we offer NOISE CONTROL openers to solve that problem.Having a WARRANTY on a part will help if the part decides to break.This day in age your able to connect to your garage door with your phone using WIFI. You can open and close it whenever you want by using your phone or tablet.If you still need more information on these features that come with the opener. A team member will have no problem talking to you about it and helping you make the best choice. These features can make life so much easier on you so why not give it a try.What’s Inside The OpenerAll electrical components have parts inside them that help it work as a whole. So the opener is no different from those. These parts have certain jobs to perform and if one of them quits then the whole assembly does. So you want to make sure your opener stays it too working order.¬†A garage door opener is made up of these parts:Transmitter- this is your remote and sends a signal to the receiver.Receiver-will take that signal that the transmitter sent it and send it to the capacitor..Capacitor- this is the part that opens and closes the garage doorDip Switch-is a tuner that syncs the opener and the transmitter together which will then open the doorThese parts need to stay fully functioning if you want your opener to keep working. Sometimes a part will decide its time to give and that’s when we’ll step in and have it repaired or replaced, depending on the type of damage. If you make sure the upkeep of your garage is always done then your door should last you awhile.Frequency Protects YouYou don’t want your opener to start interacting with other electronics. This is why it has a certain frequency it is set to. Openers usually stay around 300-400MHz. Sometimes a technician might have to come by and reset the frequency so your door will work properly.Then your opener comes with a neat feature called the rolling code technology. This feature helps prevent hackers from breaking into your garage. With this code constantly moving around it makes it hard for them to crack the code. If it was our home we would want to feel safe and we want the same for you. So if there are any problems you feel that need to be addressed, talk to us about them and we’ll solve your garage door issues.The Purpose Of Your RemoteWhen your using your remote, you want to makes sure that the dip switch pattern matches and yournopener is on the right frequency. If not you might find it funny when pressing the button and it opening a different garage door. This is easy for our technicians to fix.¬†Sometimes your remote might need some new batteries and we definitely have those in stock. Problems with your garage door can arise at any moment so calling us will definitely get rid of that problem. So if your remote has stopped working, no worries at all it’ll be fixed in no time after calling us.Let’s See What We Can Do For YouDon’t think about it being too late to give us a call. The team at San Jose Garage Door Repair Service has a staff on call 24/7 in these types of cases. Your opener has an important role when it comes to your garage door and if it goes bad then you’ll want to replace or repair it ASAP. That all start with an easy phone call to us. We’ll have you back on track in no time. Contact us today and let’s see how we can help you.